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Dont be another drop in the ocean
Stand out in a crowd.
Stand out in a Crowd
Aj-creativedesigns specialises in custom design and construction of business media. This is the only business we do and we take great pride in offering our customers a bespoke personal service.

We constantly monitor changes in the industry paying special attention to the recent changes in the law in relation to web site accessibility.

Since 1999 all UK websites that offer goods or service on the web have a legal duty to make their site accessible, to make “reasonable adjustments” to ensure their websites accommodate all users regardless of ability, disability.

One of the changes that came into effect on October 1 2004 from the DDA was: A disabled person can make a claim against you if your website makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult to access information and services. If you have not made reasonable adjustments and cannot show that this failure is justified, then you may be liable under the Act, and may have to pay compensation and be ordered by a court to change your site.

With all that in mind we offer you a free consultation on your current site, if needed we would recommend any changes that need making with no obligation for you to proceed with us.

Our Web Design is based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and we are quite confident that you would not find a web design company cheaper, we are happy for you to take our suggestions to any other web designerin Barnsley or surrounding areas. We believe we are the most affordable web designers in Yorkshire.

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